The Untold Importance of Night Time Skin Care

Published: 24th December 2009
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We all know that skin care is vitally important in our quest to battle the signs of aging, acne, rosacea, and all other skin conditions that tend to mar the beauty and attractiveness of the largest organ on our body. However, I don't think that most people consider night time skin care any different than day time skin care, and this is a crucial mistake, for the night is your friend when it comes to manipulating the best, most receptive time your skin gives you for products to work in your favor.

In other words, if you're using that same old, generic day cream at night, stop at once and get in the know about why you should amp up your skin care efforts at night especially. It's the one true time that your skin is primed to heal, and if you make sure you take the utmost advantage of this window, your skin will reap the benefits.

So, why should your skin care routine differ from night time to day time? Well, there are a few reasons actually, and what they combine to create are the "perfect storm" to where your skin is the most conducive to repair and change. The first reason your skin is primed to accept improvement and ingredients that make it look and feel better is because at night, there are hormonal changes that result in more blood coming to the surface of the skin.

The fact that more blood is present under the skin elevates the skin's temperature, and this makes skin care products like creams and serums absorb and get utilized much more efficiently and successfully. Your skin is primed to deliver these ingredients very deeply below the uppermost skin layers, so they can go to work on the deeper layers of the skin and improve texture, tone, brightness and any underlying problems your skin care regimen happens to need attending to.

Also, during the evening is basically when all of your organs get their R&R time, and this is when they can devote the body's full energy to their repair and upkeep. The skin is no different, and is perhaps even more apt to repair and rejuvenate at night because it is, in fact, the largest organ of our body. It protects us against the ravages of mother nature, pollution and toxins, and it really needs this time to boost it's functionality, and lucky for you, it's appearance as well.

Night time is the best opportunity to apply many of the strongest and most effective ingredients against aging as well. One product, a vitamin A derivative that you all probably know very well, Retin-A, or retinol, it's weaker but nonetheless effective counterpart, is only effective at night. The reason for this is that retinols are inactivated by UV rays.

So, basically if you slather your face with expensive retinol creams or serums, and walk out into the sunlight or happen to be UV exposed through the windows, then you have just defeated the purpose of this powerful ingredient against aging, as well as scarring from acne, and acne itself. Ingredients like retinols are great because they have a profound ability to force the skin to shed it's outer layers, to reveal younger and news skin cells, which is a process that naturally slows down with aging.

This is why wrinkles start to appear, our skin ceases to constantly renew itself with speedy skin cell turnover like it did in our younger days. This results in wrinkles, fine lines, and the appearance of sun damage like sun spots and darkening of the skin or redness that won't go away.

At night, it's important to make sure you use the most powerful ingredients so that they can work, unencumbered, to deliver their life-giving, beautifying ingredients deep into the skin's lower layers for maximum results.

Some of my favorite ingredients to use in my night time skin care regimen are DMAE, which is an excellent firming agent, Vitamin C, which is a great skin brightener, hyaluronic acid, which forces moisture deep into the skin cells to plump up the skin and hydrate it, and of course you can't forget retinols, which are my favorite anti aging ingredient.

Danna Norek is the author of several websites and articles devoted to skin care, beauty and natural health alternatives. You can read more about retinol here Retin-A Review My Experience and you can also read her weblog on beauty and natural skin care updates, reviews and specifically about a product that removes unwanted body hair at

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